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Five Person Workbench
Tornado Shelter
Model TSR-5WB

A shelter for Five people.
Tested and certified to 450 MPH
The Tornado Safe Room is much easier to access than an underground storm cellar.

$4,145.00 installed & delivered

Or Take $100 for Cash Purchase

anywhere in the Continental
United States.
on existing concrete slab in garage or carport


A small above ground shelter, storm room, economical shelter.5 person workbench tornado safe roomstorm shelters inc

 Our Tornado Safe Room™ will give you and your family a quick, convenient and an absolutely safe place to hide when you hear the storm warning. The 'Workbench' Tornado Safe Room™ is one of the strongest above ground shelters available.

Having your very own WorkBench Tornado Safe Room™ in your garage (with room for your car remaining) or just outside the door of your home gives you ready access, comfort and peace of mind, knowing you are prepared, and as an added feature, the work bench can be used year round. This 'Five Person WorkBench' Tornado Safe Room™ is unique in that it can also be used as a base for other furniture such as an island kitchen counter, a pool table, dining table and many other possibilities can be imagined.

The 'Workbench' Tornado Safe Room™ can accommodate a family of five, thinking in terms of 2 average size adults and three children. The standard size of this unit is 91" x 30" x 36" high. Custom sizing is available upon request.
The 'Five Person WorkBench' Tornado Safe Room™ gives you absolute peace of mind because the walls are manufactured from 10 gauge galvanized steel, which can withstand 15 lb. projectiles of more than 100 mph (as required by FEMA).

The top is manufactured from 1/4" steel plate, giving tremendous strength and protection from falling objects. Consequently, you can have absolute peace of mind.
Four Reasons to Believe What I say...

Reason # 1: The top panel of 'Five Person WorkBench' Tornado Safe Room™ is manufactured of 1/4" steel plate. (this is 250 thousandths of an inch). The sides are manufactured of 10 gauge steel and because of the low profile of this unit, it is much stronger than our competitors taller units.

Reason # 2: The 'Five Person WorkBench' Tornado Safe Room™ is anchored with 21 special 1/2" diameter anchor bolts, each of which has a minimum strength of 6765 tension pounds. This is a minimum of 142,065 tension pounds of strength holding this safe room to your floor. These anchor bolts should not be confused with common expansion bolts.

Reason #3: Your 'Five Person WorkBench' Tornado Safe Room™ is bolted together with 1/2" diameter, grade 8 hard bolts. So, when you get into your 'WorkBench' Tornado Safe Room™, you and your family can have absolute peace of mind, knowing that you are going to be safe and un-hurt knowing that even if the whole neighborhood is gone when you come out, you are going to be OK.

Reason #4: The 'Five Person WorkBench' Tornado Safe Room™ has three sliding Safe-T locks, which give you a much more secure latching system than many other styles of locks.

Don't take my word for it. Compare our 'Five Person WorkBench' Tornado Safe Room™' to any other safe room.

 Here is a summary of the benefits you receive:

  • 1/4" steel plate top and 10 gauge steel sides
  • 21 foundation bolts anchor the 'Five Person WorkBench' Tornado Safe Room™so flying objects can't knock the room over and injure or kill the occupants.
  • ventilation holes at the comers of each wall panel giving plenty of air circulation for comfortable breathing.
  • absolute peace of mind

 Warning: DO NOT BUY any safe room unless it meets the following 6 criteria.

  1. The shelter should have been tested above the forces of the highest known tornado in order to give you total peace of mind.
  2. The shelter should be able to be installed inside the perimeters of your ability to access it quickly.
  3. The shelter door should have 3 or more latches.
  4. The shelter must be anchored securely so that large flying debris cannot knock it over. Expansion anchor bolts are not suitable for storm shelters.
  5. The shelter door must be so easily operated that gaining access does not become as big a problem as the approaching storm.
  6. The shelter door locks should operate so that no one can be locked in or locked out.

Our Tornado Safe Rooms are patented and marketed as a re-locatable personal safety appliance and therefore
are not a part of your real estate and may be unbolted and taken with you should you decide to relocate.

Five person 'WorkBench'
Tornado Safe Room™
90" x 30" by 36” high $4,145.00 delivered and installed on your existing concrete in your garage or carport
Two Person Workbench Tornado Safe Room™ 60" x 30" by 36” high $3,745.00 delivered and installed on your existing concrete in your garage or carport
Six/Seven person "Workbench" Tornado Safe Room 120" X 30 " X 36 high $ 4,795.00 delivered and installed on your existing concrete in your garage or carport

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