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Will you be ready the next time a
Tornado strikes where you live?

Our Storm Shelter is manufactured with a low profile, which, because of its' low height, catches much less wind load, making it much stronger and safer than taller rooms. Take a closer look

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Our Tornado shelters will give you and your family a quick, convenient and absolutely safe place to hide when you hear the storm warning.

Emergency shelters provide a safe place for you and your family! Tornadoes can develop in areas in which a severe weather watch or warning is in effect. Stay alert for signs of an approaching tornado an threatening conditions. 

take chances with twisters and get your own safe room.

Save you and your family from the tragedy and devastation brought about by severe weather.

tornado shelter
storm shelter
We provide custom steel storm shelters that are pre-engineered for both interior and exterior installation in new or existing homes.

Discover our affordable "Tornado Shelter" solutions!

The TornadoSafeRoom™ is a highly tested and certified site-assembled, above ground shelter capable of withstanding winds of 450 MPH..

Our TornadoSafeRoom™ will give you and your family a quick, convenient and absolutely safe place to hide when you hear a storm warning. It is the highest tested and certified onsite assembled above ground storm shelter in the United States. Having your own Safe Room in your garage or just outside the door of your home gives you ready access, comfort and peace of mind knowing you are prepared.

The forecasts for the 21st century are out and more active storms are predicted. Plan now for your family's health and well being. Do not wait until the last minute to secure your very own personal tornado shelter.

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