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Manufacturers of U.S. made Tornado Rooms, Storm Shelters,
Hurricane Safe Room and Cyclone Safe Rooms

FREE Delivery & Installation* anywhere in the USA!  
*on existing concrete slab in garage or carport

Fully Tested! Best Construction! Lowest Prices! 12 Sizes Available!
Our custom steel storm shelters are pre-engineered for both interior & exterior installation in new or existing homes.

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Above ground shelters are used by a wide variety of homeowners and businesses. Groundwater tables may make it impossible to install or build a shelter below ground, elderly or people with limited mobility may be unable to access a below ground shelter, or people may have significant phobias pertaining to below ground sheltering.

Texas Tech University's National Wind Institute have done extensive research that concludes that sheltering in an above ground storm shelter is as safe as seeking below ground shelter during massive EF4 and EF5 tornadoes.*



Our Above Ground Tornado Safe Rooms range from Compact Low Profile to Large Full Sized Models


48" X 36" X 76" High
48" X 54" X 76" High
48" X 72" X 76" High
48" X 90" X 76" High
48" X108" X 76" High

Door may be located on any side as necessary to meet your needs

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Our Tornado Safe Rooms are the highest tested and certified site-assembled, above ground shelter in the United States.

All of our models have been tested by 
"Certified Testing Laboratory of Orlando, Florida"'  and are certified to be a Tornado Shelter capable of withstanding wind loads higher than an F-5 Tornado.  

Our shelters have been tested to 450MPH, with no visable damage, and has been shot by Air Cannon with 2X4 timber at 100MPH! with only minor denting.

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